You are losing sales, leads, visitors and income by overlooking your website load time. Every extra second in your website load time, decreases conversions by 7%

The slower your website, the lower your rankings, the harder to convert your visitors into leads!

website load speed

Website load time is crucial

Not only that slow websites are irritating for everyone, but Google hates it too, and it counts as a factor when it ranks websites. A slower page load time causes frustration which causes the user to leave your website which equals higher bounce rates. If users constantly leave your site quickly, in the eyes of Google means there is something wrong, so they will rank your website lower, even if you have the best content, service or business out there, you will loose rankings, thanks to this important but overlooked factor.

When Google announced it's Speed Update, they said that loading speed will be a factor in website ranking, including mobile searches. Our service covers loading time from mobile and desktop to.


Page speed will help to get visitors thanks to your better rankings, but it can also keep the user on your website so they can learn more about your business, service or offer so it is more likely that they will purchase.

Key benefits of faster website load speed

Boost your sales

Faster websites get more visitors and happier customers

Increase conversions

1 second delay in website load time, decreases conversions by 7%

Improved SEO rankings

Google loves speed, the faster the website, the more valuable, which means better rankings

Better mobile experience

57% of mobile visitors abandon your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load

Improved user experience

1 second delay in the website load time, shows 16% decrease in customer satisfaction

Lower bounce rates

Better website speed means longer visit sessions from your customers

Lower hosting costs

Smaller website consumes less bandwidth for which your host might charge for

Improve retention

79% of buyers who have to wait to long, will not come back to purchase again

site load speed

Time is priceless

Fact... 57% of your visitors will leave if the website load takes more than 3 seconds. You can put in a lot of work in, great content, a great service, and a lot of time, yet your visitors will turn around in a few seconds and only 22% of them will ever come back after a bad experience.

Website load time also affects your search engine rankings, including desktop and mobile search engines.

No different grades of results

We do not sell different grades of our service. Every customer receives the maximum we can offer, be that a one page Wordpress sales page or a custom website. Most other services will offer you a pricing plan based on grades, we don't do that, we just offer the best for everyone.

Our results vary, as the websites and server speeds vary to, if you can't see the speed improvements, we refund you, no questions asked.

website load time
website speed

How fast your website can be?

This really depends on a lot of things. Your website's structure, server performance, type of website, etc. We can't tell you that your website will load in 1 second, but we can assure you that it will be the best possible with the current architecture and hosting you are using.

Most of similar services will sell you a given load time and increase the price of they service as the load time decreases, we just do our best.

Real World case studies

website speed up

This page load wasn't the worst we have seen, and its mobile speed score was extremely bad. This website was custom coded, so we couldn't just use catching plugins and well known tweaks. We went to the lengths to review the source code and fix issues left by the creators, and removed any issues. The results talk for themselves, we got the load time down to a quarter of what it used to be and now also performs OVER the average in mobile speed tests which is extremely important nowadays.

site speed up

You might ask why we include a case in our references when the result score is pretty much average and nothing special. Please note that this page was one of the slowest we ever worked with and we didn't have a lot of movement space. It is a Wordpress with an old plugin, in these cases we would just suggest to rebuild the page, or we can handle and create a static version which makes more sense. We took on the challenge tho, and as you can see, GTMetrix couldn't even test the website before, it just timed out after 2 minutes. The score 2 on mobile from Google Page Speed Insights is probably the worst out there. Please note, the page still runs an old plugin with extremely bad code structure, includes Facebook social plugins and an excess of JavaScript, which is a must to be kept on this page. As we said before, the results depend on a lot of things, we can suggest changes like avoiding Facebook Social Plugins for example, but in some cases they are essential. We had to work with what we can, by keeping essential elements of the website which cause obvious issues, but we are flexible and got the most out of this project, and got the 2 minute PLUS load time down to 3 seconds which is an insane improvement!

We speed up your website load time completely RISK FREE!

Fastest delivery on the market

We deliver your order as fast as humanly possible. Most of the orders delivered are delivered in a few hours, depending on our load.

The best results every time

Every order is handled fast with maximum work investment, we do not charge you for half results. Everything is manually done!

Unbeatable price

Not only are our prices the lowest on the market, but our results are also the best possible.

Risk free guaranteed results

If we fail to significantly speed up your website load time, we offer 100% instant refund, no questions asked!

Active customer service

Active customer service over support tickets, emails or instant messaging to keep you updated.

Unlimited revisions

If your website changes and your website slows down, we optimize it again for free, just contact us about your issue.

site load time

Our service covers you completely

When you place an order we do our best to cover everything that affects your website load time. Minify included JavaScript files, minify CSS files, minify and optimize images, caching and our own in house tricks for best results without affecting the look of your website.

We do not use automated services to optimise your website, we do manual work for each and every client.

Put our money where our mouth is

We are so sure about the quality of our service and our work that if you can't see any change in website loading speed or you are just not happy with the service overall, we will refund your money no questions asked.

With extensive experience of programming, SEO, marketing and most importantly with PASSION our team is the best you could hire for this job.

site speed

Ordering from us is super easy

We are open for any special request, so feel free to contact us before ordering, if not then just follow the steps below

Sign up or log in

Signup for an account or log in into your existing one. Submit the one time payment for a plan

Submit your details

Send us your website details including login credentials by filling the built in secure form

Wait while we work

Wait until we do our part, usually just a few hours, we work, it's not magic... takes time

Our Pricing Plans

Plain Ninja



For plain HTML/PHP websites

One time payment

Refund guarantee

Active customer support


Wordpress Ninja



For Wordpress websites

One time payment

Refund guarantee

Active customer support


Pro Ninja



For custom coded websites

One time payment

Refund Guarantee

Active customer support


Extreme Ninja


For any custom request please feel free to contact us first, we are more than happy to take on any challenge

Refund guarantee

Active customer support

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Charities, advice and replies always free

If you are a charity or you are just looking for advice, then please feel free anytime to contact us and ask, we are trying to do our best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a payment plan?

We don't have a payment plan (if you don't request so for a special project) and there are no upsells or a funnel. Every payment is one time and includes unlimited revisions if you are not happy with the results. If you change your website after the order is delivered we might charge you again, depending on the work that needs to be done again.

What kind of a work you do exactly?

This really depends on what needs to be done, but we might optimize your images, optimize and minify your CSS files, optimize and minify your JS files, enable caching, enable compression, clean and minify your HTML code, make sure that protocol redirects are avoided and much more. As said before, this really depends on the specific scenario.

What information you need from me?

We will need full admin access in case of CMSs like Wordpress and we always need your hosting access like cPanel, Plesk, WHM or any other hosting management interface we might use. You hand us this information during your order and is stored encrypted in our database, this information is also handled with maximum privacy each time. We do understand that this might sound strange but without this information we can't do our work on your page.

Do I need to do any work after ordering?

We try our best each time to work on our own but if there is an important change involved then we might follow up with you before continuing to work on your order. In some cases we might need special changes in your server configuration where we don't have any access, in these cases we will contact you with detailed information to pas to your hosting company to make the required changes. 

Which package should i choose?

All the packages are self explanatory, if none of the first three packages fits your needs or you think that they are way over priced for the task that needs to be done on your page then please choose the fourth package and contact us first. You should do so also if you are not sure about which plan to choose.

Do I need to pay upfront or after completion?

Your payment will be requested first, right before submitting the details of your order. If you are an old customer and you need a quick job done, then just let us know and we can handle it before hand. Also please note, that refund covers everyone, if you are not happy with the results, just let us know.

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